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We are a Veteran owned company with a vast knowledge of the Logistics and Warehousing industry. Today we focus more on writing articles about everyday life, telling stories about outdoor adventures, and talk about ways to enjoy retirement. Our Blog articles are sure to please. Our Books are great too. Just ask our loyal following. Take a look around. You won’t be disappointed.

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Our goal is to discuss subjects that will open your mind to new thoughts about what is going on around us. Whether it be through fictional stories, a detailed article on a real life event or a blog article about what happened yesterday or explaining where we might end up. There are many mysteries in life and everyone has their own opinions about them. At Danall, our commitment is to offer an honest approach to every subject. Besides everyone deserves to solve a puzzle…and we’ll endeavour to help you get there.

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“Like anyone who has just witnessed some of the most awesome sights a mortal can ever expect to see, he is mind-blown and afraid. In what must have been virtual madness, he falls on his face and screams out to himself, ‘Woe is me! what has come upon me!”

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We write interesting Articles, Short Stories, and Books. Sometimes we give away free stuff and often share Newsletters, to expand your thinking through Creative Ideas.

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Everyone needs to kick back, read a good article or even get lost in a great story. Who knows, maybe you just want the latest gadget. Whatever it is we might have what your looking for. It’s just a click away…

Dan McLean

Dan McLean


I’ve always loved writing. That’s what motivated me to create this site. My articles started getting longer and longer, which led to my first book – Brilliant Sky. I hope you will download it when its ready. Please subscribe and follow us to become part of our family. We can’t wait to get to know you…

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Brilliant Sky

To the painter, this sky was brilliant, almost like it was shouting out loud for all to see. Streaming its colors across the horizon in an effort to cry a great song of being – the sky of the day, like no other before it. Sarah was in awe of its godly appearance. She couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. “What is that light anyway…she wondered?” She refocused again with both hands over her brow to mask out the sun. There it is, the light was still there, not moving an inch, like a satellite on reentry, not needing a telescope to see, then it got brighter, clearer, more defined, a flash of yellowish light seared through it. A trail of smoke in its wake, traveling east to west along the sky. A brilliant sky, in its own glory, displaying this streaming vision.