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How to be a better Materials Coordinator?

How to be a better Materials Coordinator?

Being a Materials Coordinator is a challenging and rewarding career. There is nothing like the feelings of accomplishment from getting material to a construction site. Especially in those unimaginable situations when things are in short supply. And, being the Go-To...

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Dan McLean

Dan McLean


I’ve always loved writing. That’s what motivated me to create this site. My articles started getting longer and longer, which led to my first book – Brilliant Sky. I hope you will download it when its ready. Please subscribe and follow us to become part of our family. We can’t wait to get to know you…

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Brilliant Sky

To the painter, this sky was brilliant, almost like it was shouting out loud for all to see. Streaming its colors across the horizon in an effort to cry a great song of being – the sky of the day, like no other before it. Sarah was in awe of its godly appearance. She couldn’t get over how beautiful it was. “What is that light anyway…she wondered?” She refocused again with both hands over her brow to mask out the sun. There it is, the light was still there, not moving an inch, like a satellite on reentry, not needing a telescope to see, then it got brighter, clearer, more defined, a flash of yellowish light seared through it. A trail of smoke in its wake, traveling east to west along the sky. A brilliant sky, in its own glory, displaying this streaming vision.