STC-CRV43 Handheld SD Card Viewer Video Player

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The CRV-43 Reader Viewer offers a 4.3-inch LCD screen that provides clear image and video reviewing of game activity captured on your game camera while in the field. Operating the CRV-43 is simple; just insert the memory card to view the photos and videos captured. This unit is equipped with the ability to zoom, scroll, and delete images directly from the device. Additional features include video playback with audio and Mp3 audio playback through an internal speaker or 3.55mm headphone jack. The external SD card slot accepts memory cards up to 16gb of memory. The rugged ABS plastic housing helps protect the unit and the rubberized grip provides a sure and comfortable hold on the device. It is furnished with a wrist lanyard for safe and easy carrying. The CRV-43 is programed with an automatic shut off and is powered by four AAA batteries.

  • 4.3” color LCD screen
  • Image playback including pan & zoom function
  • Video playback resolution up to 720P
  • Durable rubber trim
  • Individual file delete options as well as card erase function
  • Mini-USB connection (cable not included)
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included)


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